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The Great Outdoors

Whilst we’ve enjoyed Easter, our thoughts now turn to looking forward to easing out of the Lockdown we’ve been in for a while.

We may be thinking of how we can improve our fitness and health in the next few weeks, as we approach the summer and our staycations.

We're almost certainly looking forward to seeing loved ones, we've not seen for a while!

For our part, we’re looking forward to running some classes in the great outdoors!

We are obviously keeping our fingers crossed for the best possible spring time weather we can have!

Why is it so good to exercise outdoors? Here are some of the reasons we think it’s so great!

Not least of all, for us and others; because we’ve been in Lockdown, of some kind or another for pretty much 12 months now and boy, it’s so lovely to think we’re able to see some people outside of our immediate family and/or support bubbles!

Not that we don’t love them, but it’ll be so nice to see some fresh faces, have a different conversation, a change of scenery! A reason to leave the home other than shop for necessities, medical appointments and such like!

We’ve all been feeling just a bit of ‘cabin’ fever and it’s going to be great to see you, F2F!

Additionally, it’s been shown that working out outdoors benefits us the following ways;

1. It’s a natural antidepressant. Outdoor exercise can help ward off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression and anxiety because sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that affects your mood. And exercise itself produces endorphins, another feel-good hormone that boosts your mood and reduces pain.

2. It challenges you more than exercising indoors. When exercising on outdoor terrain, typically on an uneven surface, your body is more challenged than when it is working out on a flat indoor surface. Most likely you'll have to engage your core much more, to keep you balanced, if the surface is very uneven.

3. You’re more likely to adhere to your exercise routine. In the natural, outdoor environment, a workout often doesn’t feel like so much of a workout as running on the treadmill in the gym for example. It’s far less tedious for starters!

4. It provides mental relief. It’s not unusual for many of us to feel tension about working out, losing weight and improving our health markers like blood pressure. Outdoor exercise is enjoyable and feels more like play than a chore.

5. It’s social! If you are exercising with others, of course! Exercise is a lot more fun if you involve family and friends. That’s why having a ‘workout buddy’ really helps! Encourage your friends and family to take part too!

6. If you choose walking, cycling, running it can be free! (If you have the kit!) All you need to get a fantastic workout is a safe, well-lit park, track, walking trail, outdoor gym and your bodyweight. No gym membership required. Though we’d love you to join our classes!

7. It can be a team-building experience. Team sports, like hockey, netball, basketball, rugby, football and so on can help you stay consistent with exercise and it can bring back those feelings you had as a kid playing outside.

All these activities can help improve your fitness, build those really important social connections that we’ve all missed so much over the last 12 months. Give you new skills and do wonders for your mental health! So what are you waiting for! Grab your trainers and lets go!


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