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Early morning Stretches, here's why they're great!

Why Stretch in the Morning

When you sleep, muscles relax, blood flow decreases, and your heart rate slows. If you are lying in the same position all night, your muscles tend to tighten up. We instinctively stretch after sleeping to get the blood flowing and wake up the muscles.

The benefits of stretching are numerous and morning stretches should be welcomed.

Flexibility can be improved with simple stretches.

So, join me for an early morning Stretch class.

Your back will appreciate a lovely stretch!

If you work at an office job, your muscles in your lower back can become compressed after sitting for so long. This, in turn, will cause lower back pain. By stretching your lower back, you alleviate these issues. At each class we always do lower back stretches.

Stress Reliever

Stress causes tension to build up in our bodies. Stress is linked to all kinds of conditions so to help relieve stress and tight muscles, take time to stretch out. Reducing your stress levels with have a positive affect on all areas of your life.

Increase Your Mobility

The ability to move freely, pain free, is something some people only dream of. If you are stiff all the time, even the simplest of daily activities can prove very tricky.

Stretching keeps your muscles flexible and being more flexible means you will have a better range of motion in your joints and consequently overall in all your movement.

When you are not flexible, your muscles will feel short and tight. Then when you do move you are at greater risk of muscle damage or strains. Join our morning stretch class to avoid this.

Improve Your Posture

Stretching leads to an improved posture.

Most people who sit in front of a computer have poor posture due to overstretched back muscles.

We always include specific stretches that focus on our chest and back muscles, so that we open up and out and really stretch these muscles out. This leads to an improved posture, less aches and pains through our upper backs, shoulders, and necks.

Fewer Aches and Pains

Stretching in the morning helps relieve aches and pains in our joints and muscles. This happens as overnight, we are not mobile and there’s an increase in fluid in spinal discs and joints. Gently stretching relieves this discomfort!

Like to try? Like to feel these benefits? Join us, Friday morning 8am at the Pewsey Scout Hut, Pewsey, or live online. We would love to welcome you!

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