5 Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Women

Do you stay away from weight lifting exercise? You shouldn't - it has great benefits for a woman's body! Here are just some of them: - Lose body fat & increase metabolism - Gain strength without bulking - Decrease risk of osteoporosis - Reduce risk of injury - Enhance your mood and reduce stress Weight-lifting brings tangible results and is very satisfying. This form of exercise is becoming increasingly popular amongst women, but many still think and fear they’ll resemble body-builders in the end rather than gaining the lean body they are after. This opinion is generally changing, with more and more women trying resistance training - be that with weights or just their own bodies - and enjoyi

Healthily Toned Is More Than Classes - We're A True Community In Burbage!

Interesting talking to ladies recently who come to classes, have joined programmes about some of the things they really appreciate about what we do at Healthily Toned, and the fitness classes in Burbage which they have been coming to for many years. For some, I am their structure, lots of the ladies who attend are pretty entrepreneurial, they run their own businesses, often started as the children are/were young and they still needed to do something to earn an income, or adapt what it was they were doing, or even took that time to start something new that would be much more flexible for them than your traditional 9-5. Consequently, their diaries can now be pretty fluid and I represent for th

Friendly Fitness Classes in Burbage - That's My Mission

Chatting to a lady just the other day, who is about to join my latest fitness programme in Burbage, our stories were very similar. We both chatted about our backgrounds, both of us had lived overseas as children, in the Far East, my dad was in the Forces, her dad worked in the oil business and so both of us knew what it was/is like to walk into a situation completely on your own, not knowing who you’re likely to meet and just how that feels. One of the reason she’d chosen to come and join my programme is that she thought it would be friendly. As life has moved on, children had come onto the scene, similarly to me, she’d left the corporate world and stepped into the ‘mum’ world and as so man

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