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5 Top Reasons For Not Exercising And How To Overcome Them

5 reasons why people don't exercise and tips to overcome them

Here are five reasons and excuses why people don't exercise and tip on how to overcome common barriers to exercise!

1) I have no time

Change your perception. The recommended exercise duration (150 minutes) represents only about 1 per cent of your time in a week. Prioritise what is really important in your life. Use time management skills to schedule exercise during your week.

If you can’t find a block of 30 minutes in your day, break up your exercise time into two periods of 15 minutes. Include physical activities that you can perform as part of your daily routine. For example, you could walk for 15 minutes after lunch.

2) I’m too tired

Schedule exercise at the time of the day that you feel most fresh, typically at the beginning of the day. Tiredness that prevents us from exercising at the end of the work day is mostly mental fatigue. After exercise, you will actually feel much refreshed.

3) I have family obligations

Ask family members to help out with family obligations (e.g., babysitting, household chores) so you can make time for exercise. Another suggestion is to involve family members, so that you can spend time together and exercise as well. You can also exercise at home or during lunch breaks, so that you do not need to take time away from home.

4) I’m too lazy / I don’t have the willpower

Reminding ourselves that our family, colleagues and friends depend on us to be healthy can help us sustain motivation to exercise. Whenever you notice you’re having negative feelings about exercising, say “STOP!” in your mind then use positive statements, such as “Let’s do it” or “Stay focused”. Even a mantra in the form of a single word like “Focus” or “Go” can be helpful.

5) I don’t like exercise

Choose an activity you find fun. Include a variety of exercises to avoid boredom. For example, you could try trekking and brisk walking instead of just walking on the treadmill. You could come along to a class, bring a friend. That way it’s fun and its socialble


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