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5 Benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

5 Benefits Of HIIT Workout

High Intensity Training, more commonly known as HIIT, is a fast paced workout which helps burn fat – quickly. But what are the other benefits of HIIT workout?

Increased Metabolism

If you come to a HIIT class in the morning, it can give your metabolism a boost throughout the day. During intense activity, we consume more oxygen than in slower, moderate activity and it helps your metabolism burn calories even after exercising.

Burn More Fat, In Less Time

Studies have shown that over time greater weight loss comes from high intensity workouts, rather than seedy cardio sessions. The proportion of the fat and carbohydrate we burn during exercise depends on the intensity of the session – you’ll be better off putting in 110% of effort into a 30 minute session, rather than putting in 50% effort on the treadmill of bike.

You Don’t Need To Invest Into Equipment

HIIT training doesn’t require investment into any kind of equipment – it’s all about getting your body to move at the 110%! HIIT training consists of exercise based around having muscles work at maximum level for short periods of time – getting your heart to pump, and increasing speed and power. Most HIIT workouts will include exercise like jumping jacks, lunges, squats – none of which need equipment.

HIIT Helps Suppress The Appetite

We all feel more hungry after exercise and need to refuel – however some studies suggest that HIIT can actually help you suppress appetite after a hardcore workout.

HIIT Is Quick

Come on – how many of you have used the excuse that you simply don’t have time to exercise to avoid hitting the gym or coming to fitness classes? Yup, get that hand up!

HIIT usually lasts for 30 minutes, but can be even shorter – so you can squeeze a session during a lunch break, or before picking up the kids from school! And because the exercise is so physically demanding, you get all the benefits of a long session!

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