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Stay Fit over the Summer holidays - top tips!

It’s been a tricky wee while as we’ve lived with Covid-19 and numerous lockdowns. Among many things, one of the things that has gone by the wayside for some of us is our fitness.

In other years, we've had the prospect of a summer holiday to help focus our attention on getting fit, if nothing else, for that brief period of holiday time as we all want to look our best on our holidays! This year it’s all a little different! We've been unsure for such a long time whether we can or can not go on holiday, and actually booking something is not quite how it used to be. So we've unsurprisingly not had our normal seasonal motivation to get that 'beach body'!

Often, once summer arrives, many people struggle to keep up with their fitness routines because they’re on holiday, make social plans, have the kids at home or get demotivated.

Summer can be a great time to get in shape or stay in shape, because there are plenty of activities you can do which are fun to do with family and friends and even as part of your holiday!

If we’re lucky the temperatures rise, which means we can spend time by the beach or by the pool, the days are longer, allowing us to enjoy outdoors activities. Here are 5 ways we’ d suggest to either help you get in shape or keep a level of fitness this summer, whilst on your holiday and enjoying some fun time and down time!

1. Take advantage of the warm weather to go on runs, walks or bike rides in the countryside, take the kids, let them run free! If you’re local to us here in Wiltshire, you’ll know, there are loads of places to go, access to lots of the countryside is free too! All that fabulous countryside is brilliant for your mental health too.

2. Practice swimming either in your local pool, water park or by the sea. Swimming is one of the most complete exercises you can do, as it works every single muscle in your body. It’s also low impact, which means it’ll be kind to your joints, and can be great if you're carrying an injury.

3. Have fun trying out water sports! Whether it’s paddleboarding, windsurfing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking or water skiing, coasteering for the brave! (Suggest a guide for that one!) There are lots of fun water activities that you can do with friends and family that will also keep you in shape! Here in Wiltshire we have a reasonably local water park that’s great for some of the above.

4. Take your workouts outdoors! Take your workout app with you, or make up your own; I’d suggest some sprints, (or marching for low impact), squats, static lunges, press ups (which can be done against a wall or a tree, or a park bench) tricep dips and you’ll have given yourself a pretty good work out. Do 12 reps of each exercise and repeat for a number of ‘rounds’, I’d suggest 2 to 3 if you have time and feel able!

5. Walk whenever possible. Make the most of the summer weather to walk instead of taking public transport or taxis. We underestimate the power of walking, yet it is great way to stay in shape and destress.

Remember too, if you get yourself a bat and ball you can play rounders or cricket or other ball games with the kids!

Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to find something that you enjoy, and your family and friends too.

If that all fails, do not worry! We’ll be back to some kind of normality soon and you’ll be able to join classes, in fact, you could take us with you as classes are being streamed at the same time as we're face to face! If you choose to wait, y

ou won’t be alone, others, including me, will need to return to exercise gently and you’ll be in great company. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about getting back into your fitness routine, always happy to chat!

Meantime, if you’re taking a holiday, have a fabulous time!!


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