Core Workout

Emma’s online core workout is a fabulous way to train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, abdomen and all stabilising muscles to improve your posture and avoid injury.

While this isn’t a high impact class, it’s not for the fainthearted! Be prepared to work hard and break a sweat. Incorporating a combination of free/body weights and floor work, this class is designed to boost and build your core strength.

We all do bending, reaching and twisting movements every day - just by picking up a pencil or reaching to fasten a seat belt. But we are also getting more and more sedentary. Many of us sit down working for eight or nine hours a day, sometimes plus a car or train commute. That adds up to a lot of sitting, which weakens the muscles in your midsection. ​ Our ancestors didn't need to think about core training because they worked hard from sunrise to sunset doing labour-intensive chores.


A strong core is important because it is your body's power centre!

Class Information

Doing this workout regularly will help you by:

•    stabilising your lower back
•    complementing other exercise routines
•    enhancing your flexibility
•    improving your balance, co-ordination and posture.


The area of your body commonly referred to as your core is your midsection, from your torso down to your hips. These muscles help protect your spine and back and work as stabilisers for your entire body. Core training is all about specific exercises to develop and strengthen these muscles..

Keeping your core muscles strong can do wonders for your posture and give you more strength during other types of exercise, like running and walking.

When & where are the classes?

Core Workout classes 

Join Emma for the twice weekly online class, live on Zoom at


  • 10am Monday

  • 10am Wednesday

NB! Booking is essential

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