How To Lose Weight - The Healthy Way

Many of you attending my classes come with the aim of losing weight, and carry on because you want to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel (as well as look!) good. Losing weight can be an enjoyable process – you don’t have to starve yourself and spend hours at the gym daily. What you should do is make some changes to your lifestyle so you loose weight AND keep it off when you’ve reached your goals. Here are some tips on how to lose weight – the healthy way: Eat Regular Meals You will burn more calories if you have your meals at regular times during the day – having a schedule can also help reuse cravings for snacks, however if you feel the need to refuel then reach for healthy alternatives to

5 Benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

High Intensity Training, more commonly known as HIIT, is a fast paced workout which helps burn fat – quickly. But what are the other benefits of HIIT workout? Increased Metabolism If you come to a HIIT class in the morning, it can give your metabolism a boost throughout the day. During intense activity, we consume more oxygen than in slower, moderate activity and it helps your metabolism burn calories even after exercising. Burn More Fat, In Less Time Studies have shown that over time greater weight loss comes from high intensity workouts, rather than seedy cardio sessions. The proportion of the fat and carbohydrate we burn during exercise depends on the intensity of the session – you’ll be

Best Foods To Eat Post Workout

You’ve done the workout, burnt energy and fat, built muscle – and now you’re starving for something to eat. Don’t be tempted to stop at the shop and pick up just anything – there are foods which make for perfect meals after a workout! They help you with good energy, muscle, don’t add unnecessary weight, give your body the nutrition it needs – and taste delicious! These foods are quick to cook so don’t be temped by a fast food fix on your drive home – even it it’s a salad! Which one is your favourite? Cooked Eggs Cooked eggs are only 70 calories and 6.3 grams of protein – the two key ingredients for a post workout meal. Opt for scrambled eggs on avocado and granary bread, poached eggs with as

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