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Healthily Toned Is More Than Classes - We're A True Community In Burbage!

Healthily Toned fitness classes in Marlborough

Interesting talking to ladies recently who come to classes, have joined programmes about some of the things they really appreciate about what we do at Healthily Toned, and the fitness classes in Burbage which they have been coming to for many years.

For some, I am their structure, lots of the ladies who attend are pretty entrepreneurial, they run their own businesses, often started as the children are/were young and they still needed to do something to earn an income, or adapt what it was they were doing, or even took that time to start something new that would be much more flexible for them than your traditional 9-5. Consequently, their diaries can now be pretty fluid and I represent for them some structure, some stability in what would otherwise be a bit of a random day or week and they like that. They also manage to carve out time to come along to classes, as they can be flexible in their work pattern, often leaving to join a conference call, or head home to write copy for the magazine they’re editor of, or off to cut and style someone’s hair. You’ll meet ladies from all walks of life and all sorts of industries and jobs, all sharing the common goal of getting fit and combining healthy eating habits with the aim of achieving the results they are looking for.

Others are attracted, because I am local. I have been a Fitness Instructor in Burbage, Pewsey, Marlborough area of Wiltshire for nearly 6 years now and some of the ladies have been with me since the start. I live in Burbage and teach fitness classes in the village (as well as surrounding villages) and am part of the Burbage community, my children have attended the local schools, local sports clubs etc and it is fair to say I know a few people in the Burbage, Pewsey and Marlborough villages and towns, but not of course, everybody! Burbage has quite a small community, some 1,774 in the last census I believe, Pewsey, 4,500 from memory and Marlborough about 8,700. I really value and appreciate everyone who comes along and supports me in the local classes, as a local instructor, I am acutely aware that it is very competitive out there and more and more classes, gyms and fitness instructors are operating than there ever were before. I am very aware that without any class participants I have no business, so do my best, to be the best I can be at what I do! The ladies tell me it shows! So thank you to those of you who come, continue to come and remain loyal!

Others have remarked that they like the simplicity of the plans I run. I started running the programmes as I was aware ladies were attending classes, looking to achieve results, but perhaps not seeing them with just the classes. So I created programmes that enabled me and the ladies to look at what was happening outside of classes and address anything that needed changing! The results then were incredible! It is true to say, I do keep it simple, this is something that has to fit with your daily lifestyles, that can be adopted by the whole family and that is sustainable for the long term. No foods are off limits, conversely, there are no foods you’ve never heard of before! Everything is adapted to an individual’s needs and circumstances. It’s been great to hear the success of the husbands and partners in the back ground too as they follow on!

Support, others love the support they have of a like-minded group of people, looking to help each other along the journey. Friendships are made, I know several ladies who keep in touch outside of the group and meet up and still encourage and support each other.

So whatever your reason might be for joining fitness classes in Burbage and fitness programmes, you’ll find other things, intangible things, within the community, environment, which will keep you coming.


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