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Client Testimonials

Feel inspired by real stories - here are just some of the testimonials I have received recently about my fitness classes in Burbage and around Marlborough, Wiltshire.
Healthily Toned Fitness Classes in Burba

"I started my first Kettlercise class in February. As a runner I try and incorporate cross training into my fitness and wanted to gain some upper body strength to help with my sailing. I try and attend at least once a week and have found I have gained good core stability, toning and upper body strength without gaining muscle bulk. The class is fun but challenging but that's what I like, nothing more satisfying as you cool down to feel you have had a good all over workout. Highly recommend it and as a nurse have in fact recommended it to some of my patients."

Liz, Burbage

"Just love these classes, Debbie is fantastic – you work hard but in a genuinely enjoyable way ( never thought I would say that!). I feel so much fitter, stronger and toned. A great all over workout that I would recommend to anyone."

Anna, Burbage

"Since attending my body shape has changed for the better! I have seen inches disappear from my waist, hips, thighs!!! My strength has increased and I am now able to use a higher weight."

Nicola, Collingbourne Ducis

Healthily Toned Fitness Classes in Burba

"Not only have I found that I can do the exercises without aggravating my bad knee, which is a big plus for me, I have found that I feel fitter all round and have gained core strength as a result of the classes. I also like the fact that you change the routine after a while so that we have new challenges, and there is visible progress as we can move on to higher weights with the kettlebells.  An added bonus are the regular e-mails which are a great personal touch (and motivational) and make you feel part of the group, and there is always a warm welcome when you arrive at class. Highly recommended."

Chris, Brunton

"Love your classes Debbie and it’s great that you vary them frequently!"

Leslie, Burbage

"I like the banter of the group and concern and attention you give everyone. You create an informal environment at the same time create a supportive, safe, challenging structure. I think the attention you give to communicating timetables etc with us is fantastic, professional and reassuring."

Annie, Burbage

"Debbie's classes are legendary. I began to feel the benefits almost immediately; better posture, improved strength and an enhanced sense of wellbeing. There's a really friendly atmosphere and I leave every session with a feel good glow. Thank you Debbie for all that you do at Healthily Toned."


"As a lady fast approaching her midlife [crisis] I’d been struggling with my weight and energy levels. Debbie has helped me lose weight, and I’m now in better shape than I was 10 years ago. I have become stronger and fitter than I imagined possible. Thank you Debbie."


"HealthilyToned have classes in Pewsey, Burbage and Woodborough. Deborah Brown does 12 week programmes too which honestly from experience are a total life changer for those who struggle to stick to something. I've signed up to loads of gyms and weight loss stuff in the past and failed every time. I started with Debbie early last year and haven’t looked back. Her classes are brilliant and so welcoming plus you can keep building on them with intensity and weights etc. 
Definitely highly recommended, she is a very motivating fitness instructor!"

Becky Deane

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