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How to Stay Fit During Winter

How to stay fit during winter

We are very focused on fitness when it comes to summer months and getting ready to hit the beaches on holidays. It’s easier to keep up with fitness when you want to be outside, the evenings are lighter, the temperature is warmer…

But it’s just as important to keep up your fitness routine during the winter months to ensure you’re healthy, keeping on track with goals, and making life easier for yourself when it comes to the summer. It’s also easier to slip up, and miss classes in favour of a comforting meal and an early night.

Here are 4 tips to help you stay fit and up to date with your routine and classes during winter:

1. Keep Focused On Your Goals: you have been working so hard to get fit and where you want to be - remember this when the sofa is calling you and Domino’s is texting you about their cosy winter deals. You’re also most likely wearing baggy clothes and layers which hide your figure - but remember to appreciate your body and what you’ve worked. Pause for a second when you’re getting dressed, remember how great exercise makes you feel after you’re finished, and how well you sleep after a workout. Take the time to appreciate how hard you’ve worked so far, and keep your eyes on the prize for winter.

2. Switch Up Your Routine: Try a new class; if you know you love Kettlercise, why not try to unwind at the end of the week with Stretch & Tone? Or if you struggle to find the time to exercise why not try a HiiT class and see if you prefer a short burst of intensive exercise?

3. Use Layers: No one likes being cold, and it’s the initial thought of leaving the house to exercise which stops you from making your classes - so layer up! Use hoodies and sweaters to keep you warm before your own body starts doing this during exercise - then strip down to your usual leggings/trousers and tops.

4. Eat and Move: Eating the right foods to keep your body nourished and moving will help boost your immune system which will help prevent you from getting those winter bugs. Perhaps, this could be your main motivation to keep up with your fitness routine this winter! Because who wants to spend Christmas in bed?

If you’re new to Healthily Toned, feel free to send me a message about joining one of the classes - and if you’re a regular at classes, I expect no less than to see you keep up your fitness routine during winter!


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