Fitness Programmes

Fitness programmes designed with you in mind - workout, make friends, and have the support of a fitness instructor to help you along the way!

I created and introduced fitness programmes based on my own experience because as a woman I can relate to everything you are going through: for those of you with children (mine are grown up now!), who may be experiencing 'empty nest' syndrome and emotionally eating; who are carrying too much weight due to hormonal issues; who are peri menopausal or post-menopausal; who may be experiencing problems with exercise when they have periods. I have been there and done that - so I understand your body, your challenges and your needs.

My bespoke fitness classes have been designed to achieve results - they are fat burning, they increase bone density, and increase your metabolism.


I was aware of ladies coming along to classes, wishing to achieve different results, but without knowing what was happening outside of the class it was difficult for me to help them achieve positive results.

So I created Facebook groups and created fitness programmes which can be rolled out in those groups. This allowed me to work with these ladies on a much more individual basis, within a group setting. We can take a look at nutrition, we can look at goals, how to achieve those goals and a whole host of other topics that all have an impact on our health and nutrition. So giving the best of both worlds! Working individually, but as part of a group means that everyone is much more accountable to everyone else. Friendships are formed and everyone really helps everyone else get to the goals they are looking to achieve! The group dynamic is amazing.

With these fitness programmes we get to look at the whole picture and those that have taken part have achieved their goals and then some!

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