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8 Tips to Keep your Nutrition on Track Over Christmas

You've worked so hard, you've been going to Kettles, HIIT, Core, Bootcamp and even tried running!! How do you stop yourself from undoing all your good work? We've come up with 8 tips to keep your diet on track over Christmas without missing out on all the fun.

Tip 1 Diarise your Workouts

It's always a busy time of year trying to squeeze everything in - Christmas shopping, making a 'Mary' outfit for your child's Christmas play and still trying to work. Schedule in your diary when you plan to exercise and stick to it. You wouldn't cancel that team meeting would you?

Tip 2 Think About Where you Store Foods

There's always lots of highly calorific foods in the house in the run up and during Christmas time. Whilst you don't want to completely deny yourself, store them in an inconvenient place and put the healthier foods closer to hand. That way you'll avoid temptation.

Tip 3 Bank your Calories

If you're counting your calories, count them over a week rather than a day. By doing this, if you know that you're going to be going out for lunch/dinner one day you can eat less on the previous day or day after. You can also make sure you exercise on the day you'll be dining out, therefore buying yourself more calories.

Tip 4 Choose the Lighter Options

More and more restaurants are offering lower calorie options and a small dessert. Go for these options or make a deal with yourself before the meal that you'll only have a starter or dessert and not both.

Tip 5 Choose your Booze Wisely

We all like a tipple over Christmas, including Santa himself! However, there's about 150 calories difference between a pint and a slimline gin and tonic. Choose drinks that aren't going to add to your waistline.

Tip 6 Keep Moving

Once the Christmas season is in full swing, most live classes will have stopped for a break. That doesn't mean you have to. Sign up for a recording of your favourite class to do over and over again or get out for a brisk walk.

Tip 7 Maintain Weight

Be honest with yourself, Christmas is not a time to lose weight. Don't put added pressure on yourself and be happy with maintaining your current weight. Get back on it in January. There's no point in feeling guilty about the extra roast potato or pigs in blanket you had.

Tip 8 Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy

Whether you manage to squeeze in some workout sessions, your diet stays on track or you don't have any alcohol. The most important tip is to enjoy yourself. Happy Christmas.


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