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Autumn Tummy Warmer - Carrot & Turmeric Soup Recipe

Autumn Tummy Warmer - Carrot & Turmeric Soup Recipe

Summer has ended: evenings are getting darker, temperatures are dropping, we’re welcoming back the rain… And our tummies are looking for something hearty and warm to be filled with - this is the time when it’s easy to slip back to eating comfort food which for many of us unfortunately can mean junk food.

Here is a really easy and healthy recipe for you to try this autumn - full of flavour and nutrients, it makes the perfect lunch or dinner in the colder months. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and can contribute to healthy digestion; carrots have vitamin A, antioxidants, minerals, and fibre; ginger can lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risk factors.


4 carrots

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

thumb sized piece of fresh ginger (grated)

thumb sized piece of fresh turmeric (grated) or teaspoon of dry turmeric

950ml vegetable stock

Squeeze of lemon juice

Splash of olive oil

How To:

Chop the carrots and onion into small squares (don’t worry about being neat, they’ll be blitzed in the blender!). Mince the garlic. Get a large pan and heat the olive oil - sauté the onion until it looks transparent, add the garlic, turmeric and ginger. Sautee for a further minute.

Add the chopped carrots and sauté for about 3-4 minutes. Add in your vegetable stock, lower the heat, and simmer for 25 minutes or until carrots are soft.

Carefully pour the soup into a blender or use a hand blender - blend until smooth. Add in the lemon juice, and serve whilst it’s hot!


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