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Peripheral Heart Action Training: Introducing our new kettlercise routine!

Every 6-8 weeks we start a fresh kettlebells routine to switch things up, avoid boredom and help us all reach our different exercise goals.

This time we’re going old school, back to traditional kettlercise routines which I know many of you love!

Our new routine alternates between upper and lower body exercises, making our cardiovascular system redistribute blood to our working muscles and away from other body organs, such as the digestive system.

This redirection of blood flow is caused by something called the ‘vascular shunt’ or ‘blood shunt’ mechanism. It is also known as Peripheral Heart Action Training because it makes our hearts work harder to move blood towards the working muscles, supplying them with the necessary oxygen.

The result? Increased heart rate = higher calorie burn!

You’ll also benefit from an elevated metabolism after you have finished a class.

Like all kettlercise routines, it’s an all-round excellent and efficient way of exercising that delivers both strength and cardio benefits – WIN-WIN!

See you at the next class, and do let me know what you think!

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