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How to Maintain Motivation?

How do we keep the motivation going with the exercise regime we started/resumed at the beginning of January. It takes a human being, on average, 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. That takes us into March! Here's some ideas of how to continue with that habit and keep that motivation going:

1) Decide which exercises you are enjoying and spend more of your time engaging in those. You've tried running, it's not for you so why put yourself through something that's not fun. Go back to what gives you that high.

2) Put that exercise class in the diary and don't deviate from it. Make sure it's a time that you know you're not going to end up having a weekly zoom team meeting or helping your child with their home schooling.

3) Make yourself accountable. Book your exercise class well in advance or arrange to go for a walk with your friend. Once we're back to 'normal', arrange to go to the class with your friend. You'll be letting them down as well as yourself if you don't go.

4) Reward yourself. Challenge yourself to attend 3 classes in a week and allow yourself a glass of wine at the end if you've achieved it. Increase that challenge to 4 or 5 classes as it becomes more achievable.

5) Be flexible. Don't beat yourself up if you haven't achieved what you wanted to achieve. Move on, it's history. Tomorrow's another day.


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