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7 things I learned from doing the Healthily Toned 28-Day Reset

1. This is not a crash diet.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. What I love most about this course is that it is all about changing habits in the long term, starting with setting goals and identifying steps that will get you there. Such as eating the right amount of the right stuff for you, exercising enough to make you feel stronger and more toned, and ultimately being happy with yourself and your body. And that’s the reason I have enjoyed it so much.

2. Being part of a group really helps.

The group support I’ve had through the private Facebook group Debbie set up at the start has been good fun, and made me feel part of something really positive. While we all have different goals and motivations, we are still helping and supporting each other with encouraging comments and messages every day. I will really miss our daily check-ins on how everyone is feeling, what we’ve eaten, and our sweaty post-exercise selfies!

3. Debbie’s daily video posts are very motivating!

Every day Debbie records a new message for the group, addressing issues people have raised and giving tips about exercise, nutrition and overall health and wellbeing. For example, I loved her concept of ‘dead food’ - meaning any food that has no nutritional value. Just brilliant! And such a good way to help us focus on the right food to consume.

4. It’s easy to eat well when you focus on it.

Another excellent piece of advice from Debbie was to eat a wide variety of colourful food, and people in the group have shared photos and recipes for delicious, healthy fare. Personally I’m very pleased with my homemade watercress soup – great for those moments when you just must have something to eat and you’d normally hit the biscuit tin! And I’m getting better at choosing well when I eat out, which is perfectly possible if you check the menu carefully.

5. I’m better at listening to my body.

The spirit of this course is to be in tune with yourself. If you want a biscuit or a drink, have it and enjoy it – don’t feel guilty or punish yourself. If you are hungry, eat! Remember Debbie’s 80/20 rule for healthy vs. treats, and make sure you’re eating the right amount for you from every food group. And don’t overdo the exercise if you need a night off – sink into the softness of that sofa and chill!

6. Debbie’s classes are very effective, and sociable.

The reset course includes 3 of Debbie’s fitness classes every week, and I mainly do kettlebells and HIIT. There’s a great crowd in both - so friendly and welcoming. Going to classes also gives me a chance to catch up with many of the ladies from the 28 Day Reset Facebook group, and find out how they are all getting on. Debbie’s latest focus on the benefits of Time under Tension in kettlebells is really working for me – see her recent post to find out more!

7.You really can reset your habits over 4 weeks!

Doing Debbie’s 28-day New Year Reset has really worked for me. I feel much healthier and have much more energy than I did at the beginning of January. I am also less tired and sleeping better, all because I am eating well and exercising often.

Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better and needs a little support along the way. At £78, including 12 classes and daily support, I also think it’s very reasonably priced.

In fact, by the time our 28 days together are over, I will probably miss it so much I’ll do it again very soon. See you in the next Facebook group!

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