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My 28 day reset first week!

Going back to work and starting Debbie 28-day reset course after the Christmas break was a massive shock on all fronts!

I kicked off with the recommended two-day detox on Monday 6 January, having water and a mint tea and measuring, weighing and photographing myself so I can track progress over the 4 weeks.

The detox involved, well, not a lot! Only water, mint or herb tea, fruit, salad or veg. I made some watercress soup and tried to get into the right mindset.

Attempting one of Debbie’s short HIIT (high intensity interval training) home workouts was tough. After literally days and days of eating and drinking over Christmas my body was screaming… stop!

I developed a headache which would not go, not even after an early night. My head thumped, my body ached, but I waited it out.

Tuesday I had more fruit & mint tea for breakfast, booted up the laptop to work from home, ignoring the headache. The day passed slowly while I fantasized about eating bread.

Had a salad with a bit of chicken and a banana to ensure I’d get through my evening kickboxing session without falling over. All went well and I was dancing with my training pal by the end of the class and having a ball, I think everyone thought we’d gone quite mad. Maybe it was a natural detox high!

Wednesday morning, the headache was gone and so had my aching bones. Woo hoo! Finally I could eat some real food!

Had almond milk porridge and mashed banana as I needed something to keep me going during a day in London with the boss. Tried out the food in a local bar (for research purposes). Ooooo! Burgers, nachos, pizza? No way! Caesar salad, no dressing for me!

By now I was starting to feel fantastic! The headache gone, the buzz of London all around me, it was great to be alive! I hit Debbie’s evening kettlebell class at Pewsey School, a little shaky to start with but got the lovely endorphin rush and felt unstoppable.

Thursday, in the office, lots to do. Again, feeling good! Microwaved some eggs and trawled through emails. Pre-prepared salad for lunch, then off to Burbage Scout Hut for more kettles – brilliant class!

Friday, off to help my parents out with jobs – when I’m 80 hope my kids do the same for me! After lots of odd jobs and hoovering the whole house, I felt worn out. Decided to have a night off exercise and a decent dinner of salad with salmon.

Saturday morning, kettlebells again at Pewsey Vale School. Feeling good now – no aches, no pains, rearing to go! Class was jam packed and great fun (apparently the last of the star jumps holding a kettlebell, but hey! who knows what Debbie has planned next?).

Sunday, sneaked on the scales, could not resist. It is looking good but I’m waiting for tomorrow for the weigh in and re-measure. Did some vigorous gardening and went for a family walk in Savernake. Rounded off the day with the healthy bits of a roast dinner and extra veggies.

All in all I do feel so much better than this time last week. The detox was almost like a re-birth, a bit painful but worthwhile. I would recommend planning carefully when you do a detox and to ensure you don’t expect too much of yourself on the days you do it.

Can’t wait for the next 21 days - bring it on!

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