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Exercise in the Summer holidays with the kids

The summer holidays are well and truly in full swing and for next couple of weeks, it’s not possible for you to come to my classes….

However I’d like to share some tips on how to keep exercising with the kids during the holidays! If you have young children a lot of your time will be spent entertaining and running after them, leaving little time for yourself.

If you can, it’s really important to stay active because it will give you energy, reduce stress, and, of course, help burn off some of the extra calories you may be eating in ice cream!

So, how do you find that balance? Here are some tips to help you stay fit over the summer.

Workout First Thing

If you wait until after work, chances are you’ll never get your workout in. There are just too many activities and commitments that come up. You won’t get any distractions at 5am. That’s the best time to get your workout done! Be brave!

Make an Appointment

If you have an appointment on your calendar, 99% of the time you’ll show up. That same tactic helps with your workout. If you set aside specific times in your diary, they feel more like an appointment you’ll have to keep. You could even alternate your workout schedule with your partner. Monday night might be your time to workout, while your partner looks after the kids and cooks dinner. Tuesday it works in reverse.

Have a Plan

Once you’ve pencilled in your workout, plan what you’re going to do… so download a video or a workout plan that you will follow!

Include Your Kids

It’s hard to find dedicated “alone time” as a parent – but do you really need it? Get rid of the ‘either-or’ attitude. Kids instinctively love to move. Make it fun and get them involved in your workouts. That is why I actively encourage parents, carers to bring the kids too!

Make Time

Most of us have unused chunks of time in our day. Those 30-minutes we spend on Facebook or Instagram. Those 10-minute intervals we spend checking emails or cleaning. Pay attention to how you’re spending your time and figure out which activities you could drop in replace for a workout.

Exercise While The Kids Are Occupied!

Between football training, dance classes or music lessons, kids are sometimes as busy as their parents these days. Use the time that your kids are in classes. If your child is occupied for an hour, put on your trainers and go for a jog.

Use Every Opportunity

If you can’t fit a workout in, walk as much as possible, use the stairs, volunteer to walk the dog. If you're hanging out with kids, set up a game of football, tag or hide and seek. You could also get them involved in doing the housework, or gardening.

Workout At Home

This is often the most convenient method of training. No travel time and it doesn’t matter what you wear. Do your workout, quick shower, ready for the day. If you need some home workout ideas, look out for the links to short and sweet HiiT style workouts posted on the Facebook page.

Bring the kids to Classes

Remember, I’m very happy for you to come along to classes with the kids too! Remember also the Mums, Babes, Tots & Toddler classes starting again in September, specifically set up so you can bring them with you!

In the meantime, enjoy your summer holidays!

Exercise with children

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