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Why do live online fitness classes work so well?

I have tried quite a few online classes in the last few weeks, but yours top the others for quality and endurance - thank you!”

When lockdown looked imminent I made the slightly terrifying switch to live online fitness classes. Since then, it’s been a real joy (and a huge relief, as a small local business owner!) to hear that many of you are enjoying my HIIT, Kettlercise and PureStretch workouts!

Given that online exercise classes have been around for ages, this has also made me wonder why the live element seems to work so well for us in particular. Here’s what I think:

Feeling connected and sane: “Thanks, Debbie. You're definitely providing an essential service for me. Helping to keep me sane for now.”

As social creatures, feeling part of a community and interacting is crucial for our mental health. Unlike Facebook Live, Zoom allows everyone to see each other (although you can switch your video off if you’re having a bad hair day!) and chat before and after class, just like we used to in real life.

Motivation and accountability: “Thanks for tonight, Deb, lovely to see all your faces.”

Being able to see each other makes us feel less isolated and motivates us to work harder for longer. Sharing regular workouts also motivates us to turn up to the next session!

Mood booster: “Really feel like I’m getting into these virtual sessions now. That was a great workout & worth getting up for!” “It’s nice to see everyone live!”

Seeing friendly faces on your screen and sharing a workout lifts your mood and gives you a real sense of achievement afterwards.

Purpose and routine: “My diary is looking pretty empty at the moment! Great to have the sessions running as normal... we are eternally grateful.” “I’m looking forward to tonight’s class, Debbie!”

When life feels confusing and uncertain, having a routine and something to look forward to provides us with a sense of purpose and normality.

Doing it at home: “Love it live! Best bit is, I only have four steps to the kitchen afterwards 😋😋”

Not having to drive or walk to classes has made it easier for some people to make classes. It also means you can plan ahead to tuck into a nice dinner or a glass of wine straight away without having to rush home first.

Being happy! “That was fantastic! I’m already feeling better, emotionally and physically.” “I’m still looking forward to the sessions even when they are remotely! Joe’s got nothing on you!”

A good workout is a fantastic stress-buster and releases those famous happy hormones - endorphins!

Keeping fit and healthy (of course!): “I’ve lost 6kg/12lbs doing your classes since January!” “Liked the new routine, especially the abs and glute work.”

In my opinion, live online classes are the next best thing to exercising together in person. It really works, for all the reasons mentioned above, and exercise boosts your immune system too!

So thanks once again for helping to make my virtual classes a success and keeping our lovely local community together!

If you’d like to try a class, or know someone who might, please get in touch! And until we can all meet again in person, let’s continue to make the most of the virtual world of fitness, together.

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