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HealtyBelles 12 week formula

12 Week Blast is a 12 week programme designed to get you in shape - it includes classes based around Burbage and surrounding areas, home workouts, tailored nutrition advice, and support materials. This programme is a lifestyle change: it is for people looking to make a change for the better; to eat well to fuel their bodies; to exercise for all the many benefits it brings! This fitness programme is designed for people who feel the time is right to make a change and are going to be committed for the long term. As one previous participant said; 'This is not a diet, or a sprint, it's a lifetime choice to eat well, live well and make the most of every day, week, month and year.'

So if you want to follow healthy eating guidelines and make exercise part of your life, come on and join us!  

The 12 Week Blast programme includes access to all of the following:


-Motivation and support from a private Closed Facebook Group &WhatsApp Group

- Before & After pics
- Unlimited access to our class timetable
-Tailored nutrition & tailored healthy eating advice
- Support, motivation & accountability
- Shared recipes
- Tackling those sensitive female topics related to our health
- On demand, online library of classes

-Exploring and working on current habits like sleeping habits, snacking, alcohol

- Hints & Tips for forming new habits

To help you keep motivated through the process, you will have the support of others in the programme through our exclusive Facebook Group!

Fitness Classes near Burbage Wiltshire
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