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12 Week Summer Sizzle!

I created and introduced the 12 Week Fitness Programme based on my own experience because as a woman I can relate to EVERYTHING you're going through: for those of you with children (mine are grown up now!), who may be experiencing 'empty nest' syndrome and emotionally eating; who are carrying too much weight due to hormonal issues; who are peri-menopausal or post-menopausal; who may be experiencing problems with exercise when they have periods; who are worried about joint paint. I have been there and overcome that - as a woman I understand your body, your challenges, and your needs.

This bespoke fitness programme has been designed to achieve results - the 12 Week Summer Sizzle programme is fat burning, it increases bone density, and increases your metabolism. Just look at the results of the ladies who previously completed the programme - scroll to view!

The Summer Sizzle 12 Week Programme will be perfect for you if:


You are ready to make your friends and family say 'WOW!' when the summer season hits and you're off on holiday or attending social events like family BBQ's

You want a stress-free programme where you don't have to make big time sacrifices

You are ready to fall back in love with your body after life changes like having a baby; are peri or post menopausal; or have hormonal imbalances

You still want to eat your favourite food and have a cheeky G&T or glass of wine!

You want to become a part of a supportive and friendly community where everyone helps each other - especially if you're having a bad day!

You want 1-1 support with your fitness instructor who has personally experienced what you are going through herself

You are committed to making a change to your body and mind - feel good, look good!

What Do You Get If You Join The
12 Week Summer Sizzle Programme?

Included in the 12 Week Summer Sizzle Programme:


1 private 1-1 session with me over Skype or FaceTime at the beginning of the programme so I can get to know your personal situation and we can set goals tailored to you!

Nutritional advice and support tailored to YOU - written by a woman who has personal experience in how your body changes through life

3 x Weekly Group Classes in Burbage, Woodborough, Manningford Bruce Or Pewsey

Access my Private Facebook Accountability Group where you will meet likeminded women who support each other - and you can't beat that on a day when you're just not feeling it!

Access to my private members only home workout videos which are perfect to do if you can't make it to class or live further away

Daily Facebook Live Check Ins with me so you can ask me questions and we can address any challenges you may be having along the way DAILY!

Support. as and when you need it from me personally - via email or Facebook, whichever way is easiest for you!

BONUS: Mindset & Goal Setting Planner from Healthily Toned to help you stay on track and visualise your goals to achieve them!

BONUS: My Healthily Toned Recipe Book with easy to make everyday recipes tailored to women!

12 Week Programme Healthily Toned Result
"So many people have commented on how much weight I have lost, that I'm wearing clothes that show my shape and that I always wore baggy clothes before. 

I've been told I look amazing! That gives me a boost that keeps me motivated. That it's all been worthwhile."
12 Week Programme Healthily Toned Result
"I have lost over a stone in weight so down from 11.5 to now 10.2! 
Eating healthy food is now my default position and like others my family is benefitting.
Feeling good, going to focus on stamina and fitness going forward. Not to bothered about my weight maybe nice to get below 10 stone but happy with myself now.

Thank you Debbie, this came at just the right time for me!"
Join the 12 Week Summer Sizzle Programme!

START DATE: 29th April for 12 weeks

EARLY BIRD PRICE: £210 (book before 22nd April)


Summer Sizzle
12 Week Programme Healthily Toned Result

"Less weight loss than I’d originally wanted but considering what else has gone on in my life in the last 12 weeks I’m very happy with 8lbs & 12.5” overall!
I am committed to doing the next 12 weeks with refreshed goals and hopefully a more settled life to really work hard on myself to reach my targets - see you all there!"

12 Week Programme Healthily Toned Result

"I'm really pleased, all my clothes now fit rather than squeesing into them. Target for next 12 weeks is to maintain weight and tone up some more especially bingo wings!

Thank you for motivation and peer pressure, recipe ideas and laughs!"

12 Week Programme Healthily Toned Result

"7lbs off - chuffed!"

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